Introduction to unicorn Energy

Join Kailee and Thelma On November 7 from 7-8:30pm for an evening of working with the energy of the unicorns. In this reiki infused meditation, we will invite your unicorn guide to use their rainbow energy and allow you the space to connect with them. These seventh dimensional healers will help us in clearing and opening the chakras which will assist in raising our energetic frequency. This magical evening will leave you feeling balanced and open to receive their gifts and wisdom. The soul centered energy of the unicorns will help bring expansion into your daily lives and allow you to experience their gifts. 

*this event is non-refundable but is transferable to a friend

Introduction to Unicorn Energy
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Release & Renew

OCTOBER 24 SOLD OUT…Next one will be November 28

Join Kailee and Thelma on November 28, 2019 from 7-8:15 pm for Release and Renew. In the space of the Akasha, we will guide you through a reiki infused mediation that will assist you in clearing your auric energy field. We will then call in the energy of Archangel Michael and individually cut and clear any remaining energetic cords using our crystal tools. We will again send individual reiki to recharge your aura. This meditation and clearing will leave you refreshed and at peace which will enable you to make space for new blessings.

Tickets will release at the beginning of November!


Grandmother moon is a mirror for us to explore our cyclic nature; to honour both the light and darkness that lives within us. She whispers to us the teachings of patience and surrender, reminding us that all of life comes in cycles. Her changing phases offer different energies for us to explore and embody. Invitations to soften our hearts and minds to her ancient medicine.

Photo by Carissa Marie Photography

Photo by Carissa Marie Photography

As women we have danced with the moon for many lifetimes, a ritual that goes back thousands of years. Within all of us there is a wise woman who remembers this sacred relationship - if you listen closely Grandmother moon will lead the way. 

Our moon circles are held in a sacred geodesic dome at Good Land Farms Flower Farm in Stony Plain, Alberta.

Our next new moon circle will be January 2020.

Join us for an evening of deep connection in the sacred geodesic dome at Good Land Farms. We will begin with a reiki infused yin class and meditation followed by a guided ceremony. Light refreshments will be served and everyone will receive a gift from Farm to OM.

Space is limited. Please bring a yoga mat, journal, a talisman for charging, a cozy blanket and an open heart.

Photo by Carissa Marie Photography

Photo by Carissa Marie Photography