Your sisters will be the strangers you recognize.

- Spirit Girls Collective 

Thelma, Megs & Kailee at Good Land Farms geodesic dome - Chasing Dream Photography

Thelma, Megs & Kailee at Good Land Farms geodesic dome - Chasing Dream Photography

Many people believe that ideas have a consciousness of their own. The essence of a creation yearning to exist and express itself in the physical plane. This is what we believe to be true about Farm to Om - our gift from Spirit.

Kailee and Thelma met over a dozen eggs, a serendipitous exchange that blossomed into a friendship. With Kailee’s passion for Reiki and Thelma’s vast knowledge of plant medicines these two quickly started to create energetically charged floral products for the community of Parkland County.

Enter Megs. She had recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica with a love for Ceremony and all things Divine Feminine. Megs attended one of Kailee’s yoga classes at a local studio and the two connected immediately. Thelma began teaching us the secrets of the flower farm, and as we got our hands dirty the ideas for offerings began to bloom. 

Meet Us…

Thelma is going into her second year of flower farming. She has the kindest soul and once you meet her, you’ll understand why the flowers and plants at Good Land Farms have such powerful vibes. She is the sweetest Mother to her plants snd full of so much knowledge of their medicines. Thelma believes in addition to healthy soil, water and sunlight that plants also thrive off of loving and nurturing energy. She incorporates these beliefs by offering reiki to the plants and using crystal grids on her farm. Thelma is our Plant Lightworker.

Megs has a curiosity and passion for divine feminine healing. She surrendered to the magic of ceremony and plant medicine in the jungle of Costa Rica, where she completed her yoga teacher training. These sacred practices have allowed her to reconnect with her shadow and heal from the inside out. Megs shares teachings of Mindful Menstruation, Lunar Rituals, the Four Archetypes of Woman, Reclaiming & Healing the Womb space and much more. Megs is our Womb Healer.

Kailee is an unstoppable force who is passionate about divine healing. Her yoga teacher training was a coming home to herself; an opportunity to dive deep into her unique gifts as a teacher. Her yogic path has led her to teaching the nourishing practices of yin and restorative. Kailee is also a Reiki Master. She uses her naturally intuitive gifts and her ever expanding knowledge of energy to heal her community and herself. She is a healer, a leader and an embodiment of love and light. She is powerful. Kailee is our Energetic Lightworker.

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